Graduates of the mentoringKUNST project

Caroline Barth, Karen Clasen, Jacqueline Duhr, Everest Girard, Pauline Haß, Johanna Herrmann, Ines Kakoschke, Karen Kunkel, Maria Müller, Jana Rot, Stefanie Rübensaal, Karin Schroeder, Anett Simon, Silke Staben

The exhibition VON WEGEN shows works by twelve female artists and two female authors from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Presented are different artistic processes, genres and media such as sculpture, photography, installation, drawing, video and painting, poetry and prose. The synopsis moves between internalized perceptions of the natural space and its formal language as well as lineatures of its topographical-political confinements – and the existential location of man as part of nature, as well as a subject that brings about and undergoes processes of change. Observations of rupture and fragility, of ways of healing and caring, of static self-images and perspectival utopias are subjected to artistic revision.
The exhibition is accompanied by a publication that presents approaches to ideas, backgrounds, and working methods of the artists and authors in 14 individual catalogs.



The exhibition VON WEGEN was realized in cooperation with the Kulturwerk of the Künstlerbund Mecklenburg und Vorpommern e.V. im BBK.