Ioana Moldovan

“Zwischenzeit” by Romanian photographer Ioana Moldovan is an exhibition project with two components: The first part of the project includes her photo reportages from 2013 to 2016, showing the refugees’ struggle for a safe life. The originally planned second part was to show their new challenges, living in social housing in Germany and struggling to integrate. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the photographer was unable to realize this project. Instead, the artist rented a camper van and traveled through Romania to document how people’s lives are restricted by the pandemic. “It felt unnatural to me to take documentary photographs without getting close to people,” Moldovan says.

The two subjects are only seemingly unrelated. In fact, both challenge thinking about restrictions on freedom of movement, the meaning of borders, and the ability of people to adapt and change even when they cannot plan their future.

A project of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, curated by Alexandra Crasnaru Dragomir and Daniela Duca.