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International Exhibition and Research Project

Funded by the TURN Fund of the:

Madgermanes / Mystery Of Foreign Affairs searches for a collective cultural and political history […]


Bus-Tour with Christiane Opitz
Meeting Point: Kunstverein Schwerin

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Matias Ntundo


Billboards / Advertising Columns

Matias Ntundo (*1948, Mueda, Mosambik) is a sculptor and graphic artist from Cabo Delgado, the northernmost province of Mozambique. He is currently producing linoleum and woodcut prints. His impressive didactic scenes tell the story of Mozambique: colonization, Christianization, war and violence. Beginning with small-format original prints, of which a selection are present in the gallery […]

Zanele Muholi

„Somnyama Ngonyama“, since 2014

Kunstverein Schwerin

Muholi (*1972, Durban, Südafrika), who describes herself as a “visual activist”, presents editions of her series “Somnyama Ngonyama,” which in English translates to “Greetings, Black Lioness.” She has been working on this project since 2014. Documenta 2012 included Muholi’s earlier work, “Faces and Phases.” Since then, the photographer has gained international notoriety. In her series […]

Edson Chagas

Installation „Picture Africa“, 2017


In the middle of the old town, vis-a-vis the popular local ‘Freischutz’, a photo booth is placed for the duration of the exhibition. In the evenings, at certain dates, passersby are invited to participate. Edson Chagas asks the participators to examine aspects of African culture, and then draw a typical, traditional African mask. The participator […]

Jorge Dias

“Casulos” (Cocoons), 2017

Schlossinsel / Siegessäule

Residual materials such as plastic and paper are used by the mozambican artist Jorge Dias (*1972, Maputo, Mozambique) to form the tubular structures of his cocoons (“casulos”). In Schwerin, they will be presented not only in the gallery space of the Kunstverein, but also as a temporary installation in the public space – hung from the […]

Edson Chagas

Posters from der Series "Tipo Passe“, 2014

Ausfallstraße / Allee

Several editions of the well known series “Tipo Passe” by the Angolan artist Edson Chagas (*1977, Luanda, Angola) will be placed in the outdoor area. The simple presentation of a card-lined poster is formally oriented, intentionally placed and attached to trees to mirror usual advertising measures such as election or event placards.

Katrin Michel

„Mystery of Foreign Affairs“, Comic, 2017–2018

Kunstverein Schwerin

Examples from the Comic “Mystery of Foreign Affairs”, which will be published in the context of the exhibition in Maputo, June 2018. The Kunstverein shows first sketches of the work in progress.


"Priority of Passage“


“Priority of Passage” by Gemuce, is a sculpture of a large man stepping forward. The surface of the sculpture is completely covered with coins. It is a sculptural interpretation of a photograph of the well known, Mozambican photographer Ricardo Rangel, with the same title. In this photograph you can see a well-fed man with a […]

Iris Buchholz Chocolate

„Memórias de um país antigo“, Soundinstallation, 2017

Petermännchenfähre (Pfaffenteich) & Town Hall Passage

Interviews with 7 Angolans who studied in the former GDR in the 1980s

Simon Gush

„The Yellow Jersey“, 2015

Kunstverein Schwerin

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Martin Ebner


Vase 2016 Digital Print 59.4 x 84 cm Edition 6 Ex. 500 €

Karl-Heinz Eckert


Untitled Digital Print 29.7 x 42 cm Edition 3 + 2 Artist Copies 1,200 €

Katja Eydel

Long Jumpers

Long Jumpers 1993/2015 Digital Print 36 x 23.6 cm / frame size 50 x 40 cm Edition 5 Ex. 1,500 €

Max Schmidtlein


ThugLife2® 2016 Oil, Acrylic, Wax, Cream, Tea and Coal on Cotton and Synthetics 80 x 83 cm 1,600 €  

Barbara Camilla Tucholski

Guest House “Le Havre” near Loitz, 14.7.2013

Guest House “Le Havre” near Loitz, 14.7.2013 Drawing 21 x 29 cm 1,500 €