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„Picture Africa“

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Bus-Tour with Christiane Opitz

Meeting Point: Kunstverein Schwerin

Marienplatz Gemuce, “Priority of Passage”, sculpture, plaster, metal, lacquer, coins, 2017 Alter Garten / Siegessäule Jorge Dias, “Casulos” (Cocoons), newspaper, sisal and wire, 2017 Ludwigsluster Chaussee / Im Grünen Tal Edson Chagas, “Tipo Passe”, poster series, based on his photographic work, 2014 Ziegenmarkt Edson Chagas, “Picture Africa”, photographic installation, 2017 Marstall Lighting staging of the […]

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Felix Mula/Simon Gush

„Wenela/Teba (II)“

Kunstverein Schwerin

In a series of black-and-white photographs, Felix Mula and Simon Gush go in search of places of (Mozambican) labour migration in South Africa. In their series “Wenela / Teba II“, they document the decay of the “Wenela“ (Witwatersrand Native employment agency, now “Teba“), located in the Witwatersrand Valley. This “agency“ had the task of acquiring […]

Edson Chagas

Photographs and Posters from der Series "Tipo Passe“, 2014

Kunstverein Schwerin & Allee Ludwigsluster Chaussee/Am Grünen Tal

For his series “Tipo Passe“, Edson Chagas used a variety of traditional Bantu masks. In contrast to the usual museal-taxonomic staging as sculptural artefacts, Chagas had actual models wear the African masks, thus bringing them back to their original performative use in cultural-spiritual life. The artist works with clear decontextualisations. Detached from their historical background […]

Iris Buchholz Chocolate

„Memórias de um país antigo“, Soundinstallation, 2017

Petermännchenfähre (Pfaffenteich) & Town Hall Passage

Iris Buchholz Chocolate from Luanda/Angola examines concepts of perception and memory with her installations and performances on the basis of collective memories. Her work often arises through collaboration with others in participatory processes. For the exhibition in Schwerin, she developed an existing sound installation. In “Memórias de um país antigo“ (“The Masks of Memory“), Buchholz […]

Katrin Michel

„Mystery of Foreign Affairs“, Comic, 2017–2018

Kunstverein Schwerin

The starting point for Katrin Michel’s collection of materials “Mystery of Foreign Affairs” is an analysis of the history of the Mozambican contract workers in the former GDR. Impressions gathered on a research journey to Johannesburg in early 2017 and the booming yet socialist- marked and architecturally collapsing inner city of Maputo, as well as […]


"Priority of Passage“


The almost life-size sculpture of the Mosambican artist Gemuce is entitled “Priority of Passage“. The impulse for the work created in Schwerin was a photograph of the same name by the wellknown photographer Ricardo Rangel. The everyday scene captured depicts a white and wealthy looking man‘s attempt to cross the road. A truck on collision […]

Simon Gush

„The Yellow Jersey“, 2015

Kunstverein Schwerin

Through the use of photographs, texts and videos, Johannesburg artist Simon Gush explores the theme of work with different facets. Gush poses fundamental questions about the influence on the people of today by the Calvinistic work ethic. From this perspective, he looks critically at working conditions and economic contexts that have shaped today‘s South Africa […]

Pedro „Dito“ Tembe

Wandgemälde (Reproduktion), Performance, 2017

Kunstverein Schwerin

The painter Dito Tembe lived in Schwerin between 1985 and 1989. In addition to his work at the VEB leather goods, Tembe worked as an artist and even had a studio for a time. Thematically, scenes of his homeland inspired him more than anything else. In the summer of 1987, exactly 30 years ago, Tembe […]

Zanele Muholi

„Somnyama Ngonyama“, since 2014

Kunstverein Schwerin

Zanele Muholi, who calls herself a “visual activist“, fights for the goals of the black LGBTI community in South Africa. With her series „Faces und Phases“, the artist was represented at the 2012 documenta and the 2013 Venice Biennale. Since then, the photographer has also gained an international audience. In the Kunstverein Schwerin, she presents […]

Jorge Dias

“Casulos” (Cocoons), 2017

Kunstverein Schwerin & Bäume im Alten Garten/Siegessäule

Jorge Dias is a founding member of the Movement of Contemporary Art of Mozambique (MUVART). He belongs to a generation of artists who grew up in the post-colonial context and with a pluralistic cultural background. These artists deliberately turn away from African art reduced to the aspect of the exotic, instead looking for discontinuity and […]

Matias Ntundo


Kunstverein Schwerin & Billboards/Advertising Columns

Matias Ntundo is a sculptor and graphic artist from Cabo Delgado in the north of Mozambique. He has chosen the traditional method of woodcut to comment on current political issues and the historical development of Africa. In expressive sceneries, Ntundo tells of colonialisation, Christianisation, war and violence. Ntundo is a member of the Makonde, an […]

Edson Chagas

Installation „Picture Africa“, 2017


The Angolan artist Edson Chagas has installed a photo booth in Schwerin‘s old town for the duration of the exhibition as part of his participatory installation “Picture Africa”. Through a series of artistic actions, the aim is for this spot to become an experimental space, with still uncertain outcomes. The artist takes a closer look […]

Tina Krüger

„Foreign in my own Country“, Video documentation, 2012

Kunstverein Schwerin

The anthropologist and filmmaker Tina Krüger, who lives in Maputo, dedicates her documentary “Foreign in my own Country“ (2012) to the Madgermanes who now live in Maputo. As part of a scientific work, the film examines common identity constructions among the one-time temporary workers. She examines the question of the extent to which collective experiences […]

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Martin Ebner


Vase 2016 Digital Print 59.4 x 84 cm Edition 6 Ex. 500 €

Karl-Heinz Eckert


Untitled Digital Print 29.7 x 42 cm Edition 3 + 2 Artist Copies 1,200 €

Katja Eydel

Long Jumpers

Long Jumpers 1993/2015 Digital Print 36 x 23.6 cm / frame size 50 x 40 cm Edition 5 Ex. 1,500 €

Max Schmidtlein


ThugLife2® 2016 Oil, Acrylic, Wax, Cream, Tea and Coal on Cotton and Synthetics 80 x 83 cm 1,600 €  

Barbara Camilla Tucholski

Guest House “Le Havre” near Loitz, 14.7.2013

Guest House “Le Havre” near Loitz, 14.7.2013 Drawing 21 x 29 cm 1,500 €