"Priority of Passage“

Gemuce, "Priority of Passage", 2017 / Marienplatz, Photo: Hans-Georg Gaul

The almost life-size sculpture of the Mosambican artist Gemuce is entitled “Priority of Passage“. The impulse for the work created in Schwerin was a photograph of the same name by the wellknown photographer Ricardo Rangel. The everyday scene captured depicts a white and wealthy looking man‘s attempt to cross the road. A truck on collision course is heading right towards him.
Gemuce has taken this moment of direct confrontation between automobile and human to reflect differing goals and forces. “Priority of Passage“ questions mechanisms of priority and preference. This aspect is connected to the fact that the sculpture is completely covered in coins. The donation of these coins forms the participatory aspect of the work. In this way, Gemuce touches the question of the individual’s freedom to make decisions within closed economic structures and in interaction with social development processes.