Edson Chagas

Installation „Picture Africa“, 2017

Edson Chagas, Installation "Picture Africa", 2017 / Ziegenmarkt, Foto: Hans-Georg Gaul

The Angolan artist Edson Chagas has installed a photo booth in Schwerin‘s old town for the duration of the exhibition as part of his participatory installation “Picture Africa”. Through a series of artistic actions, the aim is for this spot to become an experimental space, with still uncertain outcomes. The artist takes a closer look at African culture. On specific dates, passers-by and visitors to the exhibition will be asked to outline their personal perspective on and ideas about the African continent in artistic form on a piece of paper. Subsequently, the photo booth will then create portrait pictures that obscure the identity of the actual people behind the drawings but will keep visible their personal image of Africa. These so-called “passport photos“ will then be presented the exhibition space in the art society.