The New Commissioners: Art on a Civic Commission

Impulse lecture and discussion with Susanne Burmester

Ruth Buchanan: A Garden with Bridges (Spine, Stomach, Throat, Ear), 2023, commissioned by the New Clients of Mönchengladbach, Courtesy the artist, Photo: Florian Wagner, ©Society of New Clients

Art commissioned by citizens is an innovative model for culture and society. Civic groups take the initiative as new clients and initiate non-profit, public art projects. For this purpose they commission international artists from all disciplines to lend visibility to their pressing concerns through artistic works. In this way, new perspectives and dynamics are created where something needs to move, where the unspoken demands expression, where desires are looking for a form. The commissioning groups are accompanied by mediators with experience and know-how in the cultural sector. In implementing the model, they are in exchange with partners in Europe who have already accompanied a total of over 500 civic commissions.

Susanne Burmester, mediator at the Neue Auftraggebern and chairperson of the Gesellschaft für Kunst und Mediation im Bürgerauftrag e.V. (Society for Art and Mediation in Citizens’ Commissions), will present the action model with examples and will then be available for a casual exchange in conversation.