Artist collective »ad hoc«

Music and dance performance

From the moment, the Schwerin artist collective “ad hoc” develops a unique live performance of contemporary music and dance. Flutist Friederike Wendorf and dancer Marie-Laure Fiaux invite guests from Schwerin, Berlin and Amsterdam for this occasion. In sixes they juxtapose contrasting qualities and structures, connect and disconnect contexts, support or hinder each other in following their flow of ideas. Without further agreements, a three-dimensional collage of sound, movement, space and time emerges in the now.

Friederike Wendorf – flute, alto and bass flute
Christoph Möckel – tenor saxophone
Hannes Richter – percussion

Marie-Laure Fiaux
Manuela Tessi (Amsterdam)
Ulrike Reinbott-Rachel (Berlin)


2 x 30 minutes
Admission: 12/6 euros