Franz Jyrch, From here it's all downhill, 2014, 230×260×50 cm, Foto: anna.k.o.

Franz Jyrch (* 1980) combines objects, reductionist-abstract canvases and textures to create fragile sculptures and spatial arrangements. Stretcher bars, fabrics and colors are deconstructively uncovered as basic elements of painting. In newly formulated arrangements, they remain as a rest and become an integral raw material, which she combines with materials such as buckets, plastic bags, gloves or other everyday objects to create temporary objects and constellations.
Here, by gently detaching the canvas from the frame, there by completely undressing the canvas cover from the image carrier, reorganization and combination create multivalent shapes and draped structures of sensual-materialistic presence and a diffuse association radius.
In a conceptually oriented, independent visual language, Franz Jyrch designs artificial syntheses and constructions that remain abstract, fragmentary and unfamiliar in their appearance. This distance is simultaneously broken as a tilt picture – in the visual experience of a lifelike corporeality of her sculptural groupings that has frozen in the dynamic movement in space: textile folds leaning against the wall and free-standing lath constructions let us – in their delicate balanced proportionality and positioning in space – think of organically grown structures with anthropomorphic impulses.
Her works are based on a fund of strategically selected materials and already artistically processed canvases and objects, which are always thought of in their incompleteness and unfixed ambivalence – they are subject to permanent revision and rededication in test series in the studio. Franz Jyrch’s installations in the exhibition space make this deliberately integrated process and mutability tangible in her artistic-methodical acting.

Die Ausstellung wird gefördert durch
Stiftung für Ehrenamt und bürgerschaftliches Engagement
in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kunst, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.