Tina Krüger

„Foreign in my own Country“, Video documentation, 2012

Tina Krüger, “Foreign in my own Country“, Film still, Video documentation, 2012

The anthropologist and filmmaker Tina Krüger, who lives in Maputo, dedicates her documentary “Foreign in my own Country“ (2012) to the Madgermanes who now live in Maputo. As part of a scientific work, the film examines common identity constructions among the one-time temporary workers.
She examines the question of the extent to which collective experiences and memories of their formative period in the former GDR, but also mechanisms of delimitation from Mozambican society after their return, have shaped a “group identity“. The film begins by presenting some of the protagonists, including Azeitonas, Frio, Nelson, and others, and shows them at the place of their weekly meeting of the “Base Central“ in the Jardim dos Madgermanes in Maputo, where they prepare for their demonstrations (“marcha“). This is staged through powerful images in the middle of the piece. The last part is devoted to the work of the study, and, once again, gives the affected persons the opportunity to speak: “When people see us as we protest, they call us Madgermanes. Why? Because we belong to the group of returnees from the GDR.“ (Azeitonas, 2012)