Barbara Camilla Tucholski


Barbara Camilla Tucholski was born in Loitz on the Peene River in Western Pomerania in 1947. In 1953, the family fled to West Germany, where the artist still lives and works. Since reunification in 1989, Tucholski has been making repeated trips back to and around the scene of her early childhood for lengthy periods of work. 

Barbara Camilla Tucholski‘s solo exhibition Loitz at Kunstverein Schwerin brings together the work groups Im Schloss meiner Erinnerung (2007), Window Shopping (2008) und Das Glück der Erde (2008/2009), which were created during these stays. Serving as graphic, painterly, and sculptural expressions of her memories, the works in all three cycles delve into the individual and collective past and present of various places and contexts in the artist’s hometown: the parental home, the urban landscape, and the barracks of a former GDR equestrian holiday home.