Action on THE LETTERBOX: Caroline Barth

Finissage of the exhibition VON WEGEN

In the exhibition space there is a letterbox mounted on the wall, next to it a chair and table with a manual typewriter, paper and envelopes. The interative installation THE LETTERBOX by Caroline Barth is an impulse for self-questioning, with the intention of an open dialogue: a sincere introspection and a public, uncensored expression in letter form. All that has remained unsaid from a subjective point of view in recent times is to be put “on the table”, with a free choice of topics. From geopolitical, global topics to very personal experiences and adventures, for which perhaps there was hardly any room before.

All letters that land in the mailbox during the exhibition VON WEGEN will be read out uncensored by the artist at the exhibition’s finissage on November 13, 2022.