[inside] sparkling doubts


Marita Bullmann’s works are explorations of everyday objects: familiar materials, actions, spaces and places. Performatively, she embarks on a search for a direct encounter between body and space. Her working method can be understood as an ephemeral, site- and situation-specific process. With her actions, she creates her own realities and scenarios that reinforce the awareness of object, material, body and space. Visual, temporal, haptic or acoustic elements determine the effect and perception of her performance. In the events she constructs, she creates the potential of abstracting contemplation of the things that surround us. Detached from culturally shaped mechanisms of seeing and perception, Marita Bullmann creates a new ‘space’ that allows the act of seeing to become conscious. The objects and materials she uses do not remain neutral, but connect to a sensual and emotional world of experience and experience.