A Danced Moment by Jutta Ebnother (premiere)

Concept/Choreography/Dance: Jutta Ebnother
Music: Claude Debussy


– Camille Claudel: French sculptor, 1864-1943 –

Camille Claudel’s scuptures are sensual, honest, touching, are powerful and fragile. “The Pleading”, “The Chatterboxes”, “The Waltz” and “The Girl by the Fireplace” are some of her works that particularly appeal to choreographer Jutta Ebnother and which she explores in this solo dance performance.
Camille Claudel’s personality, history as well as her fate and the emotions associated with it cannot be separated from her works of art. She was an exceptional artist of her time. And more than just the sister of the famous poet Paul Claudel, more than just Rodin’s muse. With her danced snapshot “Camille”, Jutta Ebnother aims to draw attention to her.

The 25-minute performance consists of various fragments and yet in the end is a whole, entirely in the spirit of Camille Claudel.

The performance will be followed by a talk with Jutta Ebnother.


Supported by the Ministry of Science, Culture, Federal and European Affairs of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania